Our Team

Commercial Director

Adam Hawkins,GAICD

Adam Hawkins is a globally experienced business executive with a diverse background spanning multiple continents. Originally trained as an environmental chemist, Adam's career journey led him into various industries, starting with pharmaceutical and medical device sales before transitioning into information, analytics, and technology sales, business development, and go-to-market strategy.

Throughout his career, Adam has consistently demonstrated expertise in several key areas:

  • Planning and establishing startup businesses and new product ventures.
  • Navigating highly regulated markets and engaging conservative blue-chip clients.
  • Quickly grasping technically complex issues to mitigate risk and maximize commercial potential.
  • Effectively planning, communicating, and gaining buy-in for change from diverse stakeholders and clients. 
  • Building, developing, and optimizing team performance to achieve scale and growth mandates.
  • Maintaining a strong commercial and customer focus in all endeavours.

Adam is not only a seasoned business leader but also an accredited company director with the GAICD designation. He has successfully established and divested a technology business, showcasing his proficiency in strategic business management. Additionally, Adam holds an MBA from Cranfield University and is accredited as a Prince2 Practitioner, further underlining his commitment to professional excellence.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Adam is an active volunteer firefighter with the NSW RFS, demonstrating his dedication to community service and safety. With his wealth of experience, strategic acumen, and commitment to excellence, Adam Hawkins continues to make a significant impact in both the business world and his community.


John Forder

John has 35 years of experience in global logistics, managing the movement of goods and materials across international borders.

His expertise lies in bulk project management, which involves overseeing large-scale projects involving the transportation and handling of massive quantities of goods

In addition to his project management skills, John has also excelled in sales and business management. He has a proven track record of successfully building and maintaining client relationships, negotiating contracts, and generating significant revenue for all the companies he has worked with.

Throughout his career, John has held various leadership positions, including Director and Board member roles. These high-level positions have provided him with the opportunity to make strategic decisions, shape organisational direction, and contribute to the overall growth and success of the companies he has been involved with.


Sagi Simchon

Sagi is a seasoned senior executive with over two decades of logistics experience. he brings a rich background, spanning from strategic roles in the Israeli Defence Forces to orchestrating intricate deep-sea diving expeditions.

As a serial entrepreneur, Sagi successfully managed multiple large logistics startups, showcasing a blend of visionary leadership and vast technological skills.

Sagi’s journey includes overseeing the agile development of unique SAAS platforms, catering to both B2B and B2C markets. He has a proven track record in delivering sophisticated supply chain solutions in volatile environments. As a leader, Sagi’s innovative thinking enables real-time adaptation to changes in market conditions. With a history of transforming challenges into opportunities.


Luke Crump

Luke Crump has over two decades of experience in the sawmilling industry and a specialisation in industrial automation as an electrician. Luke has consistently proven himself as a leader in his field. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he is an active and respected member of numerous community organisations, most notably serving as the Captain of the local Rural Fire Service Brigade.

This dual expertise allowed him to bridge the gap between the electrical and mechanical aspects of sawmill operations, making him an invaluable asset to his company. His ability to troubleshoot, design, and implement cutting-edge automation systems led to significant cost savings and increased productivity.

Most notably, he has been an active member of the local Rural Fire Service Brigade for many years. As Captain, he has led his team through numerous challenging situations, demonstrating bravery, leadership, and a deep commitment to the safety and welfare of his community. Beyond his role in the Rural Fire Service, Luke is known for his active participation in community events, fundraisers, and initiatives that support the well-being of his fellow residents.