Alpha H2 Seeking Global Distribution Partners

June 21, 2024
Alpha H2 is seeking distribution partners who can lead the sale and installation of its hydrogen injection kits across global regions.
Alpha H2’s industry-leading hydrogen injection kits are attached to diesel and petrol internal combustion engines (ICEs) to significantly reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions.
Alpha H2’s revolutionary units can be used for all types of engines and applications, including trucks, boats, cars, generators, utes, vans and heavy machinery.
This represents a strong opportunity for people experienced in these sectors.
The Company also recently completed third-party testing, which aligned with previous tests undertaken and reinforced the efficacy of the technology available.

Test Results:

  • 20% reduction in fuel usage.
  • 13% reduction in carbon dioxide emissions.
  • 16% reduction in HC emissions.
The technology provides owners of ICEs with swift access to cost savings and emissions reductions.
Since launching in October 2023, Alpha H2 has received $15m in order interest from transport, mining and construction operators across Australia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe.
The Company is currently progressing towards its first trials with truck companies in Australia, while also running trials with companies in the Americas and Middle East.

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