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Alpha H2’s industry-leading hydrogen injection kits are attached to diesel and petrol internal combustion engines to reduce fuel usage by up to 20%.

The kits use an electrolyser to produce the hydrogen onboard and inject it into the engine to replace fuel usage and reduce carbon emissions.

Given the significant fuel savings, the units will help ease the operating expenditure challenges businesses are facing and generate a quick return on investment for customers.

Alpha H2’s revolutionary units can be used diesel and petrol engines and applications, including trucks, boats, cars, generators, utes, vans and heavy machinery such as mining equipment.

Since launching in early October 2023, the Company has received significant interest from haulage fleets, buses, miners, and logistics operators across the globe, with potential sales orders of over $15m.

With proven market demand, Alpha H2 is currently working with several pilot customers to deliver the first installations in Australia.